Conveyor-Sales offers over 30 different models in over 1000 different sizes
that are available for shipment. Listed below are many of our standard
conveyor models that are available for shipment in one, two, and five days.

Contact Conveyor-Sales to confirm the shipment schedules
for the model and size of conveyor that your application will require.

Gravity Skatewheel Conveyor - Straight and Curved
Model "138SR" - Straight
Model "138SRC" - 90 Degree Curve
Model "190SR"/190HSR" - Straight
Model "190SRC"/"190HSRC" - Tapered Roller Curve
Model "251SR"
Adj. Channel Guard Rails
Angle Guard Rails
Floor Supports
Knee Braces
Tripod Supports
Optional Power Conveyor Speeds
Optional Motors
Drives & Take-Ups
Electrical Controls

Gravity Shipping Info
All 1.9" diameter and 2" diameter roller conveyors are shipped with rollers installed in the frame when the weight per section is 300 lbs. or less.  All sections weighing more than 300 lbs. will have part of the rollers removed and packaged separately to maintin the 300 lbs. limit.  All 2-1/2" diameter roller gravity sections are shipped same as above except weight limit is 500 lbs. per section

Delivery Times
for other Conveyors

Delivery times vary from two to six
weeks for conveyors not listed on
these pages.  For more information
contact Conveyor-Sales.

Model "LPB"
Model "TSB"
Model "190RB"
Model "190CAP"
Model "190CLR" 90 Degree Curve
Model "190LS"
Model "190LSC" 90 Degre Curve
Model "LPB"

Model "TSB"
Model "HPB"
Model "190RB"
Model "190CAP"
Model "190CLR" 90 Degree Curve
Model "190LS"
Model "190LSC" 90 Degree Curve
Model "251CRR"
Model "251CDA"
Model "190RBI"
Model "FTC"
Powered Feeder Section - Chain Driven